Walter Rabetz
"Baseball Glove""Button Shoes""Pocketbook""Straw Hats""Woven Shoe""Shoelaces""ice Skate""Doll""Boot"Star Clogs"Three Shoes""Tied Laces""Glove""Helmut""Spiked Shoe"
Full "Artifats in Free Fall"
Artifacts in Free Fall are objects which someone once loved and then threw away. They were all found in the dump. Rabetz photographed them as though they were falling to suggest how unmoored they are without love. "As I get older, things seem more fragile: time seems to be passing quicker, objects barely have the time to be properly worn before they are discarded and replaced by other transitory objects. Everything seems to be in free fall: time, space and the artifacts we discard.

This series is part of the overall concept: Beauty at the Margins

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