Walter Rabetz
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WALTER RABETZ is a fine art photographer whose work is usually composed of a series of images on an individual concept. The concepts range widely and have covered a number of themes that are roughly grouped under the name Beauty at the Margins. In this group are such series as Used Balls — startling images of broken and mangled balls, which appear simultaneously as heavenly objects suspended in the black of space; Final Vision, views of the rooms of patients in nursing homes which explores what things people bring with them as the last things they will see; Objects in Free Fall items rescued from the dump after they have outlived their usefulness and which reveal the way in which people have used them and discarded them; and others. He has also concentrated on themes that embrace place and beauty. The Connecticut River Bridges includes images of all the bridges spanning the Connecticut River from its headwaters in Canada to its end in the Atlantic Ocean.

About Bear Mountain Bridge photographs, the artist says: "The photographs in this series concentrate on the bridge itself – in its entirety and in its parts – and on the view from the bridge, usually incorporating pieces of the bridge to connect the specific image back to its location. The photographs are many things at once - abstract, pictorial, beautiful, suggestive and ethereal. Currently, I have a book in process on this series that will highlight, in separate chapters, each of the different modalities of vision I have used during this process."